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Data and Analytics for Research Training (DART)

The DART program provides free, open source educational materials to help working biomedical researchers gain the data science knowledge to expand and improve upon the work they are already doing.

The program consists of instructional modules which teach data science and related skills to researchers, in alignment with the NIH emphasis on improving research reproducibility, transparency, and rigor.

Our team values a modular educational approach, where learners get just the training they need and can select from various modules to assemble their own learning pathway.

We invite you explore pre-made educational pathways or build your own pathway with our prototype module discovery application. You can also browse the full list of our educational modules.


The founding contributors to this project are members of the Arcus team at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

We invite and encourage you to help in any way you feel you can, from letting us know about typos and bugs to writing entire new modules. If you are interested in contributing to this project, visit the project’s GitHub repository for more information.


This project is grateful for the generosity of Liascript’s creators and sustainers, André Dietrich and Sebastian Zug, for sharing their work (and advice!) freely.

DART Research Study 2021-2023

We ran a research study to measure the effectiveness of this program. The research study included:

For updates about our findings, see News.


DART is funded by the National Institutes of Health award number 5R25GM141501.